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Soaking Stone Coasters

A coaster for your drink that really works


from Soaking Stone Coasters


Standard Coaster


You will receive 4 coasters for $24.00. The shipping cost is included in this price. This coaster is your standard coaster. It comes in the listed colors, brown, blue, black, burgundy, green, tri-colored (burgundy, green, & blue) and earth tone (brown & green). All coasters have a white background.


Plant Trivet


You will receive 1 trivet for $12.00. The shipping cost is included in this price. This Coaster is almost twice the size of our standard coaster. It is mostly used for the overflow from watering your plants. It is also used for hot pots off of the stove, or even pitchers of tea or ice water. The trivets come in the same colors as our standard coasters.


Car Coasters


You will receive 2 car coasters for the price of $8.00. The shipping cost is included in this price. These coasters are designed to go into your cars cup-holders or in the cup holders in your furniture to keep them dry and clean. The car coasters only come in three colors; Tri-Colored, Black, and Brown.


Our Shipping Policy

What You Need to Know

After you order your coasters, please allow 1-2 weeks to receive your order, all of our coasters are handmade in Arkansas and shipped from this location priority mail through the Post Office. Email us with any questions at

We can also be found on Etsy as Soaking Stone Coasters.

Soaking Stone Coasters

A Little Bit Of Our Story

Soaking Stone Coasters has been a family business for over 25 years and continues that legacy. All the products from S.S.C are hand made by the S.S.C family in Van Buren, Arkansas. We take pride in being what our customers would say are "the best coasters ever made." You won't find a better coaster than ours. Give us a try and love your coasters FOREVER!

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